The Fatty Acids: podcast intro

Spoken word absurdity over Casio organ demo-style loop.

RIYL: Weird Al Yankovic, sketch comedy


Alternate versions: none

Energy: low Pace: midtempo BPM: 119.5 Explicit: no
Production style: comedy
Mood: silly, comedic, absurd, quirky, childish, fun

Hey guys welcome to the Fatty Podcast, my name is Josh, you are tuned in to episode 30,219 wow we are really stacking em up here. Today on the show we have our social media coordinator. His name is Beans and we are very blessed to have him. You know I was back at yoga – hold on one second

Instrumentation: synth, spoken word/voiceover, drum machine
Subject matter: social media, bands/musicians, broadcasting/radio/podcasts
Meter: 4/4 BPM range: 114-128
Genre: Indie Rock / Alternative / College Rock / Spoken Word / Comedy Style: podcast
Publishing rightsholder: Pink Lizard Music Limited Publishing clears through: Pink Lizard Music
Master rightsholder: Pink Lizard Music Limited Master clears through: Pink Lizard Music
Composed by: Josh Evert (BMI) ISRC: UK9UL1500106