The Fatty Acids: Airsick (Radio Edit)

Wild, driving psychedelic indie. Angular, energetic, quirky.

RIYL: Pavement / Flaming Lips / Sparks

Spiky melodic intro; vocal 0:24; steps up a gear 0:48; chorus 1:00; instrumental link 1:15; second verse 2:05. Loads of surprises.

Alternate versions: Album Version, Instrumental, Cutdowns

Energy: high Pace: fast BPM: 155.5 Explicit: no
Production style: family drama, flight, indie film, promos, travel/vacation, youth
Mood: angular, busy, buzzing, chaotic, driving, edgy, energetic, freewheeling, hooky, hyperactive, jerky, manic, melodic, psychedelic, quirky, rhythmic, spiky, wild

Little sister, I’d such little wisdom
To share before you ran away
Even moments you were sour contend with
My sweetest memories retained

Not born in supernovas to behave like this
Maybe she knew and that’s why she is where she is
Every city in the world‘s a candidate
Dream in the clouds, searching for you
Wake up alone and airsick

Little sister, never mind a victor
And never mind a Golden Age
Where are we?
The only certain answer:
Between umbilical and grave

Instrumentation: keyboards, synth, electric guitar, electric bass, drumkit, male vocal, backing vocals, electric piano
Subject matter: family, sister, knowledge, wisdom/understanding, running away, moments, nostalgia, taste (sense), memory/memories, space/universe, supernova, stars, separation, city, the world, dreams, clouds/rain, questing/searching, waking, missing someone/being apart, travel, flying, loneliness, pregnancy/birth, umbilical cord, sickness/illness, victory/winning, life, uncertainty, questioning/questions, location/place/here, lost/found
Meter: 4/4, 2/4 BPM range: over 140
Genre: Indie Rock / Alternative / College Rock / Scramblepop Style: scramblepop
Publishing rightsholder: Pink Lizard Music Limited Publishing clears through: Pink Lizard Music
Master rightsholder: Pink Lizard Music Limited Master clears through: Pink Lizard Music
Composed by: Josh Evert (BMI)/Derek de Vinney (BMI)/Matt Pappas (BMI)/Cole Quamme (BMI) ISRC: UK9UL1500107