Otti Albietz: Structure Repeats

Waltzing singer-songwriter whimsy – cheerful, likeable.

RIYL: Sufjan Stevens / Bright Eyes / Rufus Wainwright

0:19 vocal; 0:39 chorus; 1:03 ‘ooeeooeeoo’ vocals; 1:35 ‘I’d like to express myself clearly’; 1:55 brush snare enters; 2:51 bigger chorus.

Alternate versions: Instrumental

Energy: medium Pace: midtempo BPM: 147 Explicit: no
Production style: children’s, documentary, science, wildlife, montage, promos, indie film, rom com, trailers, leisure/lifestyle, factual entertainment, travel/vacation, daytime
Mood: bright, cheerful, childlike, circular, curious, cyclical, declarative, dreamy, fluffy, fun, happy, hopeful, joyous, laid back, lazy, lightness, lovely, loving, mellow, melodic, natural, open, optimistic, organic, poetic, quirky, reassuring, relaxed, sweet, thoughtful, twinkly, whimsical

– Increased imagination, stayed up a little late to be awake.
– Then slept upon my left side, a book of middle-english on the floor.
* Structure repeats in me, as simple as, I need to, I love you, and mountains are climbed.
– I’d like to express myself clearly, like countless words that swirl and glide around.
– I had a rising insight, familiarity makes me want you.
* Structure repeats in me, as simple as, I need to, I love you, and mountains are climbed.

Instrumentation: acoustic guitar, male vocal, drumkit, brush drums, electric bass, backing vocals
Subject matter: cheer, curiosity, dreaming/hoping, openness, optimism, wishing/wanting, wonder, communication, language, words, floor/ground, structure, books/literature, mountains, nature, imagination, inner world, knowledge, wisdom/understanding, love, connection/bond, familiarity, togetherness, lying down, movement, gliding, swirl, clarity, insight, biology, cells, growth/regrowth, moments, repetition, time
Meter: 6/8 BPM range: over 140
Genre: Alternative Folk / Singer/Songwriter Style: acoustic, analogue
Publishing rightsholder: Pink Lizard Music Limited Publishing clears through: Pink Lizard Music
Master rightsholder: Otti Albietz under exclusive license to BBE Master clears through: Pink Lizard Music
Composed by: Otti Albietz (PRS) ISRC: GBEQT1203430