Otti Albietz: If You’re Listening

Stunning cinematic funereal railing at God. Atmospheric.

RIYL: Sufjan Stevens / Bright Eyes / Rufus Wainwright

:09 ‘If you‘re listening/take all the rivers & make them into rain‘; :30 ‘take our bodies out’; :53release all our hearts/so that we can see’

Alternate versions: Instrumental

Energy: low Pace: slow BPM: 64 Explicit: no
Production style: adventure, ghostly/supernatural, montage, promos, drama, epic/fantasy, family drama, historical, indie film, sci-fi, trailers, war/violence
Mood: atmospheric, beautiful, cinematic, dignified, dramatic, dreamy, enveloping, expansive, fragile, funereal, healing, melancholic, mesmerising, open, poetic, poignant, processional, questioning, quiet, reflective, ruminative, sad, soft, sorrowful, spacious, still, tender

– If you’re listening, take all the rivers and make them into rain.
– Untie all that floats, there’s water coming to wash away all things.

* Take our bodies out, floating candles free.
* Release all our hearts, so that we can see.

– If you’re listening take all the mountains, and make them into sand.
– Climb up a tall tree, take down all houses, brick by brick by brick.

* Take our bodies out, floating candles free.
* Release all our hearts, so that we can see

Instrumentation: male vocal, backing vocals, piano
Subject matter: trees, acceptance, processing, strength, outpouring, bricks, building/dwelling, dismantling, house, grief, sadness/sorrow, tragedy, candles/candlelight, clouds/rain, flood, land/landscape, light, mountains, nature, outdoors/outside, rivers, sand, water, atonement, cleansing/purging, funerals, survival, parting/goodbye/farewell, release, death/mortality, the impossible, belief/faith, god, offering/sacrifice, prayer, bodies, heart, ending, loss, floating, war
Meter: 3/4 BPM range: under 85
Genre: Alternative Folk / Singer/Songwriter Style: acoustic, analogue, pauses
Publishing rightsholder: Pink Lizard Music Limited Publishing clears through: Pink Lizard Music
Master rightsholder: Otti Albietz under exclusive license to BBE Master clears through: Pink Lizard Music
Composed by: Otti Albietz (PRS) ISRC: GBEQT1203432