Mother Cyborg: Panic’s Pattern (Instrumental)

Cloudy, chaotic rock techno – ominous, warlike. Gives way to mellow disco-tinged house.

RIYL: Björk / Underground Resistance / Inner City

Builds up to disintegration/change at 2:36. Apocalyptic machine acid transitions to warm guitar-tinged nite grooves.

Alternate versions: Main, No Lead Vocal, Acapella

Energy: 0 Pace: uptempo BPM: 115 Explicit: no
Production style: atmosphere, current affairs, documentary, drama, indie film, investigative, montage, police/crime, promos, sci-fi, science, technology, tension, war/violence
Mood: aggressive, American, anxious, assertive, atmospheric, big, boomy, brooding, building, busy, buzzing, chaotic, cloudy, dangerous, dark, deep, dense, disorientating, dramatic, dreamy, driving, dystopian, edgy, energetic, English, enveloping, ethereal, exciting, expansive, expressive, forceful, foreboding, gritty, grooving, insistent, intense, intent, jerky, laid back, lazy, looming, lovely, mellow, narrative, nighttime, noisy, ominous, overwhelming, peaceful, powerful, pulsing, scary, serious, soft, solid, spacey, spacious, spiky, statement, strong, swelling, swirling, tender, tense, threatening, transitional, tribal, twinkly, undulating, unsettling, urgent, warlike, warm, wild, windy, worrying

No lyrics.

Instrumentation: synth bass, drumkit, drum machine, glitches, reverse sounds, sound design, keyboards, organ, electric guitar, steel string, acid/303, synth, synth chords
Subject matter: –
Meter: 4/4 BPM range: 114-128
Genre: Electronic / Techno / Techno / Electronica Style: acid house, Cyborg Soul, dance, Electronic, Electronic Soul, House, indie electronica, leftfield, soulful house, Techno
Publishing rightsholder: Pink Lizard Music Limited Publishing clears through: Pink Lizard Music
Master rightsholder: Pink Lizard Music Limited Master clears through: Pink Lizard Music
Composed by: Diana J Nucera (ASCAP)/Tris W Taylor (PRS) ISRC: UK9UL1700022