Benbo: I’m Gone

Cocky fuzz-rock indie freakout – lazy, insistent, cheeky, louche.

RIYL: Dandy Warhols / Beck / Teenage Fanclub

0:57 chorus with retro tremolo guitar; 2:11 unhinged climax; 2:51 big finish. Good for racing/sport, police/chases.

Alternate versions: Instrumental, No Lead Vocal

Energy: medium Pace: midtempo BPM: 100 Explicit: no
Production style: comedy, montage, police/crime, promos, rom com, sport
Mood: assertive, boomy, breathy, cheeky, cool, dirty, disarming, driving, fun, fuzzy, grooving, happy, heavy, hooky, lazy, louche, playful, ponderous, saucy, sexy, silly, sleazy, smoky, solid, statement, strong, vintage, warm

I think you’re
Very nice
I think we should
Make it twice
And I don’t think you know anybody that takes you as seriously as you should be
What do they all think you talk about?
It goes over their heads and straight into my ears and I’m gone

I’m gone

You think I’m very nice
You think we should do it twice
And I know what’s going on in here cause my central processor’s in despair
I can’t eat food
I can’t do my hair
I get up I move on you come into my brain and I’m gone

I’m gone

Ah er ooh egh er oo oo

I’m gone
I’m gone
I’m gone
I’m gone

Instrumentation: fuzzbox, electric guitar, electric bass, drumkit, male vocal, backing vocals, maracas, tambourine, organ, synth, drum machine, tremolo
Subject matter: sexual intercourse, infatuation/lovesickness, intelligence, speech/talk/talking, distraction, attraction/desire, brain, computer/CPU, food, hair, orgasm/climax/sexual pleasure, absence – mental, ears, communication, listening, signals, ecstasy, head, intellect, connection/bond, courting/wooing, dating, wishing/wanting
Meter: 4/4 BPM range: 85-100
Genre: Indie Rock / Alternative / Adult Alternative / Rock / Sleaze Style: humour
Publishing rightsholder: Pink Lizard Music Limited/Copyright Control Publishing clears through: Pink Lizard Music
Master rightsholder: Pink Lizard Music Limited Master clears through: Pink Lizard Music
Composed by: Tris W Taylor (PRS)/Jet Wintzer () ISRC: UK9UL1500072